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  Man City Or Chelsea? Good Question  
  With Yaya Toure on international duty and Diego Costa serving a three-match suspension, David Silva and Eden Hazard will be key in the Premier League match of the weekend. Will this one decide the title? Five Questions &#187  
  Manuel Pellegrini must decide on Man City's approach vs. pragmatic Chelsea  
  Manchester City are cornered tigers in this Premier League title race, and that makes them doubly dangerous as they aim to cut Chelsea's five-point lead at  
  Diego Costa will remain controversial -- and indispensable -- for Chelsea  
  John Terry has a well-worn technique for getting his message across. You see it whenever the Chelsea captain takes to the pitch, but it always seems to stand  
  How Will They Line Up: Chelsea vs. Man City  
  Big, big, big, big game in the Premier League. The boys report from Stamford Bridge, speak to Frank Lampard and play a game of snakes and ladders ahead of  
  Manchester City and Manchester United to move for Real Madrid's Pepe  
  The winter window is still open, and that means the LIVE transfer blog swings back into action. Find out the latest news, gossip and deals here. TOP  
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