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  Mourinho: Premier League harder to win  
  In an exclusive interview with ESPN FC, Jose Mourinho has said that due to the amount of money within the Premier League it is now "very, very hard" to win, with five teams capable of taking home the title next season. Read »  
  Mourinho: We can make Falcao score  
  In an exclusive interview with ESPN FC Jose Mourinho tells Shaka Hislop he was "scared" when Radamel Falcao signed for Manchester United.  
  Jose Mourinho could be the difference in a tighter Premier League title race  
  With less than two weeks until the big Premier League kick-off on Aug. 8, the excitement and tension that surrounds world football's elite  
  Mourinho's monumental task: Helping Chelsea retain the Premier League title  
  It might have been an underhand trick to undermine a rival, it might have been an attempt to hide his genuine concerns about the move or it might just have  
  Spurs seek 'Chicharito' move, Manchester United yet to bid for Pedro  
  As always, Transfer Talk has its finger on the pulse when it comes to all the latest rumours and gossip. <a  
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