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  Klopp charisma shines through  
  How did Jurgen Klopp do during his unveiling as Liverpool's new manager on Friday? After claiming he was the 'Normal One' and that he had full control of transfers, he had the world's media eating out of his hand. David Usher &#187  
  'Normal One' Jurgen Klopp: I'll have last word on Liverpool transfers  
  LIVERPOOL -- Jurgen Klopp marked his arrival at Liverpool by casting himself as the opposite of Jose Mourinho and declaring he is the "Normal One,"  
  Liverpool made sense for Jurgen Klopp as Bayern Munich were not convinced  
  In an interview with German weekly paper Die Zeit in 2012, Jürgen Klopp was asked if there were any hopes he had given up on. His  
  14 of the best Jurgen Klopp quotes: Top of the Klopps  
  Not only is the man a master tactician, a fine upstanding coach and one of  
  Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp targets a title within four years  
  LIVERPOOL -- Jurgen Klopp declared that if he has not won a title in his first four years as Liverpool manager then his next job might be in  
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