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  Walcott puts England in front  
  England have taken the lead against Estonia through Theo Walcott. The Arsenal man striuck following good work by Ross Barkley. Meanwhile, Spain lead Luxembourg but have lost David Silva and Alvaro Morata to injury. Boot Room &#187 Live  
  Euro 2016 qualifying: How teams can make it to France  
  With two rounds of games left to go, we look at who is in the running for the 17 places still up for grabs at next summer's Euro 2016 in  
  LIVE GameCast: Spain v Luxembourg  
  LIVE: Euro qualifying Boot Room chat  
  Sir Alex Ferguson hails Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool, rejects transfer committee  
  Sir Alex Ferguson has hailed Jurgen Klopp as a "good appointment" for Liverpool but predicted trouble ahead with the transfer committee, the legendary  
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