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  Ultimate Guide to College Grants and Scholarships for Minorities  
  Scholarships and grants are a valuable tool for students who need funds to pay for college. These programs typically have criteria that consider your background and interests. One major category of gift awards is minority scholarships and grants. Minorities are groups that have historically faced societal disadvantages or challenges due to factors including: ethnicity, gender, […]  
  A Student’s Guide to Finding the Best College Scholarships  
  Raising money for college can seem daunting with tuition, textbook fees, and living expenses to consider. Receiving scholarships and grants can make a big difference toward defraying the high cost of college. College financial aid packages typically don’t cover all costs and often include student loans. Applying for scholarships and grants takes time and patience, […]  
  The High School Drop-Out Epidemic vs Benefits of College Education  
  Dropping out of high school can make it harder to find a job, to achieve your dreams or to just get by. Currently, one student out of four is dropping out before they graduate from college. In the United States, this adds up to more than a million students each year. The effects will follow […]  
  The Verdict on Saving for Law School  
  While law school certainly is regarded as a prestigious preparation for an impressive career, it comes with a hefty price tag attached. To put it in perspective, the average cost of attending law school can be between $45,000 to approximately $60,000 per year, or even more for the top colleges. Most law programs usually last […]  
  The Ultimate Guide to Internships  
  For many people, an internship is their first experience in a real job related to their studies or future careers. Even so, it is vital to make a good impression on the interviewer and the company in order to land the job. To do this the applicant has to be well prepared and know how […]  
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