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  Report: Many accounts touched ‘top secret’ info in Clinton’s emails  
  The emails reportedly hit the inboxes of many of Clinton's top aides.  
  Obama: Nation threatened by poisonous political climate  
  President Obama returned Wednesday to the place where his presidential campaign began.  
  Dems accuse Mich. governor of ducking accountability in Flint  
  "They broke my city," Rep. Dan Kildee said. "They poisoned the kids of the city."  
  The Hill's 12:30 Report  
  On the ground in N.H.: Bernie rakes it in; Clinton messaging worries; Christie expected to quit.  
  GOP leaders to hold talks with rank and file amid budget trouble  
  House Republican leaders are stepping up talks with rank-and-file members on the budget as they look to quell growing tensions within the GOP about how much to spend.House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-...  
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