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  New Operations Support Boats at Jebel Ali port from ASIS  
  ASIS Boats has been commissioned to design new RIB Boats to support the Jebel Ali port operations.  
  ASIS Crew Transportation RIBs to serve Offshore Oil Platforms  
  Additional ASIS Crew transport RIBs are on their way to join the previously supplied fleet for use in the offshore oil and gas industry of the Caspian Sea.  
  ASIS Boat tender used on one of the biggest yachts in the world  
  Our excellence in Customer service is proven when we get returning customers. And thankfully we get them quite often.  
  ASIS Boats delivery to Kenyan Navy  
  ASIS Boats was delighted to host a delegation from the Kenyan navy in Dubai last month, to take delivery of their new Military 8.0m Navy RIB Boats with Cabin.  
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