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  More Medical Doctors Encouraging Patients to Pursue Cosmetic Surgery  
  Would you get Botox injections if your family doctor suggested it? According to a recent report in USA Today, many doctors are suggesting cosmetic surgery to their patients as an “extra” procedure for their next visit. Many dentists and doctors are certified to perform several simple cosmetic procedures, including Botox, dermal injections and skin tightening […]  
  Experts Suggest Makeup Instead of Surgery for Under Eye Circles  
  Under eye circles can be the result of genetics, poor sleep or an unhealthy diet, and there are a number of cosmetic surgery procedures that can help to lighten up the skin under the eyes and create a more refreshed, rejuvenated look. Still, some experts say that makeup can be just as effective for covering […]  
  Heidi Montag’s Plastic Surgeon Dies in a Car Crash  
  Heidi Montag has been in the media spotlight in the past few months for her plastic surgery “addiction” and slew of cosmetic procedures that have completely transformed here appreance. The reality star’s plastic surgeon was recently killed in a car accident after becoming trapped in a vehicle and suffering major head injuries. His Jeep veered […]  
  Plastic Surgeons Warn Against Following Celebrity Plastic Surgery Trends  
  Even though many celebrity worshippers change their wardrobes, color their hair and update their makeup to look like their favorite Hollywood star, plastic surgery may be an extreme measure for many. According to Dr. Michael Fiorillo, a board-certified celebrity plastic surgeon in New York City, patients who want to look exactly like their favorite celebrity […]  
  New Law Requires Hospitals to Share Options for Breast Reconstruction  
  Many women who get a mastectomy don’t realize that they are eligible to get a breast reconstruction procedure at no cost. These women are simply not told that they are good candidates for breast reconstruction after mastectomy, and that insurance will pay for the procedure. Doctors are now required to inform patients about their options […]  
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